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Welcome spring with a flower brooch!

Spring is coming! and what a better way to welcome it than by making a super cute flower brooch, this is all you need:


All you need

  • Thick felt for the back
  • Thin felt for the petals
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Button
  • Brooch back (or a safety pin)


  1. Take the piece of thick felt and cut a circle shape the size that you want your brooch to be.
  2. Thick felt circle

  3. Take the piece of thin felt and cut plenty of little circles for the petals (I used the bottom of the thread as a guide), for this brooch I cut 24 circles.
  4. Thin felt circles

  5. Take one of the small circles and fold it in half, then stitch it to the edge of the big felt circle. One stitch would be enough.
  6. Stich circle

  7. Take another circle and repeat the same, overlaying it slightly, and keep going all the way round the big circle.
  8. Felt circlesFirst row

  9. Start the inner row, try to cover the stitches of the outside row with these circles.
  10. Inner rowInner row ready

  11. Finish the rest of the rows and add a button to the center.
  12. Last rowButton

  13. Now you can sew the brooch back or add a square of felt to put a safety pin (or a hair pin). Your new brooch is ready!
  14. Safety pinBrooch ready