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Saturday inspiration

What we have been looking at recently:

Sometimes the apartment tours over at Apartment Therapy are so amazing that I just keep on returning to them over and over. This is a good example of one of those tours that just keeps on captivating. I love that shelf.


Weekend with the fleas

We made a trip  to the big indoors flea market in Vallila/Helsinki yesterday. There we found a nice little red alarm clock that looks great on our shelf. It’s cute as hell, but sadly the incredible noise it makes when winded up makes it merely something pretty to look at (instead of a usable device to tell time). For the moment it has a designated place INSIDE our drawer! There it can unwind itself in peace, slowly returning to it’s silent existence forever at five o’clock.

Alba at the fleamarket

The cute red alarm clock

Recycled literature

How great are not books? I made this prototype a while ago, and it works great! Sure, the screws are a bit rude, but hey it was my first go at it. I love the fact that you can take whatever, and make it into something totally else. This particular piece of literature is now waiting to hold our keys in the entrance.

Recycled literature

The easy way to pump up your apartment

Blik wall decals

Wall decals have become hugely popular lately. Here is our latest addition from BLIK, the always seasonal Space Invaders. The cool thing with these is the painless removal option if you ever would get tired with them. Who wouldn’t love to see quirky aliens when they wake up?